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Rex Petit is included in the group of hotels, which consists of three-star Rex Hotel and the four-star Hotel Hellsten.

The rooms in the Hotel Rex Petit features a telephone, free internet access and a flat-screen TV. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

In 18 of the 22 rooms have a private bathroom with toilet and shower. The other four rooms are en suite and toilet on the corridor. All rooms are double with bunk beds where the lower bed is 120 cm wide, and the top - 90 cm in width. The compact rooms have no windows, which can be an advantage during the White Nights. The rooms are soundproofed and that promotes good sleep.

The rooms are small (about 6 m), however, as the price.

Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city known worldwide for its design, architecture and music. Rex Petit is located right in the center of the city. Rex Petit is the ideal starting point for visitors to Stockholm. All major attractions are within walking distance. Basically, it is an area of ​​houses, but there also are a number of media companies, artists" studios and art galleries.

The food plays an important role in Stockholm. Everywhere there are great restaurants. More than fifty restaurants within the next ten quarters. One of them takes 71 place in the world, but there are budget restaurants. On Luntmakargatan presented many cuisines of the world, in addition to Swedish, here you can find the English, French, Italian, Cuban, Lebanese, and eight kinds of Asian cuisine.

Luntmakargatan 73, SE-113 51, Stockholm,, tel: +46 8 236699